My 2020 post on a green car with a witch’s hat (wicked…) has been receiving some Google traffic of late. It never did in the first instance – perhaps because I forgot to publish it before Halloween in 2020 (this views went to my article on a pumpkin with a mask). The wicked car with hat post is obviously a photo post. Sadly, the two photos which I took of the car with my former BlackBerry Classic were not very good. Moreover, like many pre-2022 New Leaf Journal pictures, they were unnecessarily large due to poor compression. In honor of the article performing well, I decided to rectify two issues at once. I re-cropped the images, used Upscayl to sharpen them, and then I compressed them properly using software on my own computer. The images are now not only lighter, but also better looking (especially the second). Enjoy the new and improved car-with-hat content.