I post in several places in addition to The New Leaf Journal. Everywhere that I post has an RSS or Atom feed. Below, I will post the feeds of some of my other platforms along with my most recent posts. Feel free to add the feeds to your feed reader or bookmark this page to stay abreast of my latest content.

If you do not know what a feed reader is, I wrote a general introduction to the subject and I list a number of free and open source feed readers in our New Leaf Journal feeds page.

Check back regularly. I plan to add more websites and platforms to my portfolio.

You can also see my on-site digital business card here.

The New Leaf Journal (regular)RSSAtomJSONAll of my regular articles here at The New Leaf Journal. Alternatively, you can subcribe to our main RSS feed for all New Leaf Journal articles.
The New Leaf Journal (leaflet microposts)RSSAtomJSONAll of our leaflet microposts. This feed includes posts by other authors, but I am the most frequent poster.
The Newsletter Leaf Journal (NLJ Newsletter)RSSI write all of our newsletters – so I figure that it is safe to include with my RSS feeds. For those of you who prefer email, it is a newsletter.
The New Leaf AnnexAtomA small blog mostly featuring content that has been syndicated from The New Leaf Journal.
Pixelfed SocialAtomPixelfed is a federated Instagram alternative. You can follow my account from another federated social account or via its Atom feed.
MastodonRSSMastodon is a Twitter-like federated social media platform. You can follow my account at Linux Rocks via another federated social account or RSS.
Hypothes.isAtomFollow my bookmarks, annotations, and article comments on Hypothes.is.
LinkLonkRSSReceive a feed of articles that I recommend from around the web (including some of my own).
TwitterAtomAll my Twitter posts are cross-posted from Mastodon. Thus, there is no reason to follow this over my Mastodon account – but I will include it anyway.
InventaireRSSInventaire is a social book sharing site for physical books. I will add books to it as I start reading them. If you are on the Fediverse, you can follow me at @naferrell@inventaire.io.
LibretureRSSLibreture is a site for tracking and storing DRM-free ebooks. You can follow my DRM-free ebook reading with my RSS feed.
Hacker News SubmissionsAtomI sometimes submit posts to Hacker News (not my own posts, mind you – I leave that to others). You can keep up with my submissions via Atom.
Hacker News FavoritesAtomSee posts that I “favorite” on Hacker News.
Open LibraryN/ASee what I am reading on my Open Library profile. I also contribute edits – which you can track here. There is no feed, but you can add my profile to your bookmarks.
Tiny GemN/ATinyGem is a bookmarking service. I make my bookmarks public. There is no feed, but you can add my profile to your bookmarks and check back regulary to see what I am reading.
MindsN/AI post New Leaf Journal to Minds, a FOSS social media platform that unfortunately does not produce a feed.
AlternativeToN/AI am a contributor to AlternativeTo, a terrific application database. Unfortunately, it does not output feeds. But my homepage link shows my activities.