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The New Leaf Journal has a collection of resource directory pages on site. We will add additional pages to our collection and continue developing the pages that we have. Below, you will find our current selection of resources with links.

Resource Pages

BlogrollN.A. FerrellApril 1, 2022A collection of interesting independent blogs and websites from around the web.
FOSS Software & ServicesN.A. FerrellApril 2, 2022In-progress collection of free and open source software and services used and recommended by N.A. Ferrell
WordPress PluginsN.A. FerrellApril 5, 2022Do you ever wonder what powers The New Leaf Journal? See a list of N.A. Ferrell’s favorite plugins and resources.
Resource pages are works in progress and will be updated

Resource Articles

ArticleAuthorPublished (Updated)Description
Alternative Search EnginesN.A. FerrellJune 13, 2021 (June 22)A list of alternative privacy-focused search engines and search resources
al|together/Insani Visual NovelsN.A. FerrellApril 11, 2021 (Feb. 3, 2022)List of the 30+ freeware Japanese visual novels that were translated in the mid-2000s for three festivals. Post includes links to individual reviews.
List of Recommended F-Droid AppsN.A. FerrellNov. 27, 2021FOSS F-Droid applications for Android devices recommended by N.A. Ferrell
Resource articles are generally considered complete and only open to technical changes