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The New Leaf Journal is a small and independent online writing magazine. While I hope that every visitor becomes a regular visitor to this magazine, I thought that it would be interesting to provide a list of other interesting projects from around the web. Below, you will find two lists.

The first list covers blogrolls, web rings, and small web search engines from around the internet. These resources will help you find many interesting websites that are not easy to find with regular web searches.

Second, you will find a running list of interesting websites, blogs, and links curated by The New Leaf Journal. One rule for inclusion is that the site must include an RSS or Atom feed, which I cover here. You can find all of The New Leaf Journal feeds here. We will update the list semi-regularly with new content and make sure that the content that we previously included is still live. If you have a suggestion or proposed link exchange, you can send a message.

Please note that the list is very much a work in progress. It will be regularly updated. All entries are added by me (N.A. Ferrell) unless otherwise expressly stated.

Website/LinkResource TypeDescription
BlogDBBlogrollA collection of user-submitted blogs from around the intrnet.
Blog SurfBlog Directory/SearchA curated list of blogs with a search engine for individual posts.
Marginalia SearchSearch EngineAn independent search engine for non-commercial content.
RSS Discovery EngineRSS/Atom Search EngineEnter a web page and the RSS Discovery Engine will find web feeds in links on the page.
Search My SiteBlog Search EngineA search engine for user-submitted blogs.
TeclisSearch EngineAn independent non-commercial search engine for finding interesting content on clean websites.
The Big List of Personal WebsitesBlog DirectoryAs advertised by the title. Note that the website does not have an https version.
WibySearch EngineAn independent search engine for the classic web.
Ye Olde BlogrollBlogrollCurated blogroll organized by category and with most-recent posts.

New Leaf Journal Blogroll

Ambient IronyAtomTech, News, AnimeTech blog with daily links from around the web. Also covers news and culture.
Beneath the TanglesRSSAnime, ChristianityA unique anime blog/website that “focus[es] on the unexpected convergence of Christianity and anime.”
David PerellRSSWritingInteresting writing blog that covers a variety of subjects.
Gurbo & Caserta SoundcloudRSSMusic, Recordings, VVGOfficial Soundcloud for collaborations between Victor V. Gurbo and Mark Caserta.
DistroTubeRSSLinux, FOSS, TechYouTube channel for Derek Taylor (“DT”). He covers Linux and free software.
Jrose11 (YouTube)RSSVideos, Video-GamesChannel featuring single-Pokémon speed runs from the original Red and Blue with illuminating commentary.
Gregor SantnerAtomTech, Android, LinuxPersonal website of Gregor Santer, the developer behind the Markor text editor for Android.
It’s FOSSRSSLinux, FOSSA regularly updated website about free and open source souftware – strong focus on Linux.
Larry SangerRSSTech, Knowledge, KnowledgeInteresting blog by Larry Sanger – covers knowledge, digital ownership, big tech, education, and more.
Laszlo (Pixelfed)AtomPhotography, BirdsMany beautiful bird and nature photographs.
m15oAtomTech, Gemini, Small WebDeveloper of, where I have an account. Interesting posts on Gemini and projects.
Marginalia MemexAtomTech, BlogInteresting and minimal blog by the creator of the of the Marginalia small-web search engine.
Mark Caserta VimeoRSSMusic, Videos, VVGVimeo channel for Brooklyn musician Mark Caserta. Includes some collaborations with Victor V. Gurbo.
Mojeek BlogAtomTech, Search-EnginesOfficial blog of the independent Mojeek search engine. Covers Mojeek and other tech issues.
NAF MusingsAtomBlogging, NAFSmall blog run by N.A. Ferrell. See here for information abouit Gemini and Gopher versions.
nafnlj MastodonRSSMicroblogging, Social, NAFMastodon account for N.A. Ferrell. Regulary links to older NLJ posts.
nafnlj PixelfedAtomPhotography, Social, NAFN.A. Ferrell’s Pixelfed profile with HQ versions of NLJ photos.
Perishable PressRSSTech, WordPressOfficial blog of WordPress guru Jeff Starr. Mostly posts on WordPress, but also covers other interesting topics.
Project GutenbergRSSEbooksA daily feed of new ebooks is something like a blog, I suppose. You may get a preview of future NLJ content.
shumplationsRSSVideo GamesTranslations of interviews with Japanese game developers – mostly from the 1980s and 90s.
Standard EbooksRSSEbooksFeed of new ebooks released by Standard Ebooks.
SoraNews24RSSJapanNews site with interesting and humorous stories straight from Japan.
The Emu Café Club (NAF)RSSMicroblogging, NAFN.A. Ferrell’s Hubzilla profile. Mostly microblog-type posts.
Tokyo Camera ClubAtomPhotographyA Mastodon stream of editors choice photos from Tokyo Camera Club – quite impressive.
The New Leaf JournalFeedsWriting, NAF, VVGWow! This perennially virid online magazine looks amazing.
Victor V. Gurbo YouTubeRSSMusic, Videos, VVGVictor V. Gurbo’s YouTube music channel.