A self portrait from the worst of our technical difficulties.

As promised, I switched from the Bunny Press Lite to the Bunny Press theme on Saturday evening. On Sunday, I posted our first new article for our new site. After spending Monday making additional improvements, I discovered much to my horror that web browsers were serving a cached version of our homepage from last week. Strangely, this issue only affected the homepage and only affected web browsers.

As I type this post at 1:57 AM on June 18, 2020, it appears that the site is somehow back to normal. This is terrific news. I can rest now. While I would love to tell you the whole saga of both the site upgrade and troubleshooting, I will wait a few days as to not anger roaming lines of code that I can neither read nor understand.

Over the next couple of days, I will monitor the site and see if there is a safe way to reintroduce caching without causing another terrible issue. Assuming the site behaves itself, I will work with Victor to implement a couple of new exciting elements for our homepage. After that is done, I greatly look forward to leaving some of the site admin life behind and spending far more time writing and editing articles.