I use a Hario v60 coffee dripper (02 size) to make pour-over coffee. I have a 15 oz Hario v60 coffee glass to go with my dripper. In addition to being a nice glass, the size of its rim perfectly accommodates the dripper.

I started using Hario v60 dripper about 12 years ago. The v60 glass came not too long after I started using the dripper. I recently recommended the set to a friend. In so doing, I pulled up the link for the v60 glass on Amazon. I did this from a browser profile where I was logged into Amazon. See the following screenshot.

Screenshot of Amazon store page for Hario V60 coffee glass. The glass is in the top right. A banner above the glass states that I purchased the glass 7 times and last purchased on June 27, 2018.
See key text below.
Purchased 7 times
Last purchased Jun 27, 2018

My friends have occasionally sent me screen captures from Facebook where Facebook highlights some post they made many years ago to the day. I do not personally use Facebook. But when I saw Amazon remind me how many times I have purchased the v60 glass and when my last purchase of it was, I thought it was kind of like the Facebook memories thing.

Before continuing, I submit for the record that two of the (apparently) seven glasses were not for me. Regarding the other glasses, I will concede that I recall having broken a few of them before. The double-walled mug does have thin glass, so it is not amenable to being dropped or placed on a counter too firmly after a spill (not that I did either of those things, mind you).

But this screenshot is not cause for remembering my mistakes. It is cause for celebrating how far I have come.

According to Amazon, I last purchased a Hario v60 glass on June 27, 2018. I purchased my current glass after having broken my previous glass. Thus, lest Amazon is misleading me, I have now gone more than five years without breaking my Hario v60 coffee glass.

Yay, me!


One of my Hario v60 coffee drippers broke more recently than the glass. I previously owned the glass version of the dripper. The glass drippers are less prone to breaking than the mug because they use thicker glass. I recall having only had two glass drippers over a period of about nine years. In 2020, I fumbled the dripper. Despite it only falling a few inches from the top of my unbroken mug to the counter, it cracked. Having studied how drippers affect the heat of the water as it passes through the coffee grounds, I opted to replace my glass dripper with the plastic model.

From left to right on a kitchen counter: red Hario v60 02 coffee dripper on top of a Hario v60 glass, a Hario manual coffee grinder, and a Fino gooseneck kettle on top of an induction stove.
From left to right: red Hario v60 02 coffee dripper on top of a Hario v60 glass, a Hario manual coffee grinder, and a Fino gooseneck kettle on top of an induction stove. Not pictured is my Zojirushi water boiler.

Some people will tell you that while the plastic drippers do not break, they degrade from heat and coffee ground stains over time. Three years on, I can confirm that this is nonsense. Simply remove the filter from the dripper and rinse right after using. It looks as good as new (the Hario dripper, at least).

But I digress. I had not realized how long I have gone without breaking my coffee glass. It was very magnanimous of Amazon to celebrate my accomplishment even though my not breaking my glass is bad for Amazon’s always-dignified business.