The New Leaf Journal produces RSS feeds and other common feed formats. This page will list all of our main feeds and provide some tips for power users to curate their New Leaf Journal feed experience. If you do not know what feeds are or why you should consider using them, see my gentle introduction to feeds and feed formats. If you are not sure why you should consider feeds, see my articles on feeds as an alternative to Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter), combining feeds with a read-it-later solution, and building your own digital home.

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Main Feeds

The following feeds will bring in all of our regular articles:

All feed readers should support RSS and ATOM feeds. A few modern feed readers support JSON feeds. Most prospective followers should use the RSS or ATOM feed (it should not make a difference for 99% of practical use cases). I would encourage you to use the JSON feed if your feed reader supports it.

Older formats

We also support RSS 1.0 and RDF feeds. Unless you have a specific reason to use these formats, you should not worry about these, but you can find the proper URL formats here.

Obscure formats

Finally, we support several obscure feed formats that may be of interest to a very small number of visitors: Microformats 2, JF2, and Activity Streams feeds. If you do not know what these are, do not worry about them. If you know what they are and have a use case, you can easily use them. See the following examples using our main feed:

I decided to support as many feed formats as possible – but I will note for the record that I do not use any clients that can parse these feeds.

Taxonomy Feeds

If you want the feed for a specific category or tag, use the full URL of the category or tag followed by /feed or an alternative format (e.g., /feed/atom or /feed/json).

For example, the default feed for our “NLJ News and Notes” category is:

The default feed for our Pokémon tag is:

It is also possible to create a combined category or tag feed. Please see Jeff Starr’s excellent guide, WordPress pre_get_posts + Combined Category Archives, to learn how this works.

Note that you can also use this technique to get specific feeds for me or Victor V. Gurbo. For example, our respective author feeds are:

In general, I would recommend subscribing to our main feed and simply ignoring articles that do not interest you, but if you have a very specific interest, the ability to narrow your feed subscription(s) by taxonomy or author makes it possible to curate your experience.

Post-Type Feeds

We have three custom post types, all of which produce their own feeds. See the default configurations:

I would recommend adding these feeds to your reader if you want to make sure that you do not miss any new articles. With that being said, I am now republishing most of what would have been short Leaflet and Leaf Bud posts over on our sister site, The Emu Café Social, which also has feeds. I will regularly add new collection posts over time.


TWTXT is a text-based, minimalist microblogging service for hackers. If you happen to be one of the few TWTXT users out there, consider yourself in luck. The New Leaf Journal has a TWTXT feed:

Note that we only have a TWTXT feed for our regular articles. There are no category-specific, author, or post-type TWTXT feeds. You can learn more about how I implemented it here.

Newsletter Feed

The Newsletter Leaf Journal is the official newsletter of The New Leaf Journal, but it is technically a separate, off-site publication (hosted with Buttondown). I recommend subscribing if you enjoy The New Leaf Journal. The newsletter has plenty of original content. While you can obviously subscribe with your email, our newsletter has an RSS feed:

Feel free to subscribe via RSS instead of email if you use a feed reader (I usually subscribe to newsletter feeds instead of emails when they are available).

The Emu Café Social

The Emu Café Social is our sister social publishing site. Many of the short-form posts I previously published on The New Leaf Journal are now found there. You can see my guide to feeds on The Emu Café Social site (not yet published), but the structure is identical to The New Leaf Journal (including having a TWTXT feed and obscure formats) because I built both sides with WordPress and similar functionality.

Osmosfeed Aggregator

I previously maintained a static feed aggregator but took it down after running into some technical issues with it. I will look to put together a new version of the project in the future I explained how the site worked in a New Leaf Journal article.

Special Option for ActivityPub Users

If you use an ActivityPub client such as Mastodon, you can follow The New Leaf Journal there since our site is actually an ActivityPub server. Find us at:

(If the follow button does not work, search for @newleafjournal in your ActivityPub client of choice. I also pinned the links to the top of my personal Mastodon profile.)

Note that we do not have author-specific accounts for The New Leaf Journal. You can follow specific authors on The Emu Café Social. I explained our ActivityPub implementation in an article.

While I hope you follow our ActivityPub account and boost some of our so that your followers can learn about it, I personally prefer feeds to social media for content discovery.

See My Feeds

I list all of my current online feeds on my New Leaf Journal profile page.


Public Domain Openclipart image featuring a smiling person reading from an RSS reader (represented by an RSS logo) which is receiving articles from around the web (represented by thought bubbles).

This is the second version of our feeds page. I published the original in May 2023. You can see what the first version looked like here.