There is an innocuous convenience store in the heart of Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens. The only thing that stood out about it was a horrifying kiddie horse ride that the store place outside. This kiddie horse was horrifying because it was not a horse, but a kangaroo or something – and it had a very creepy smile. I always wonder what the boardroom meeting that likely occurred in the 1970s or 80s that produced that monstrosity was like. It was even worse under the store’s lights at night. I would have had half-a-mind to submit a photo for Halloween, but the store mercifully replaced it last year.

In place of the kiddie kangaroo, we find a kiddie horse. But this place can’t be normal. The kiddie horse is many colors – purple, yellow, green, orange, and blue. The yellow and green sections make the thing look like it may have lost some paint at some point.

Is this a second-hand kiddie horse? Are any kids going to ride this guy?

A broken down mutli-color kiddie horse seen outside a convenience store in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
Photo taken with my Teracube 2e phone. Edited for publication by Victor V. Gurbo.

Alas, when I walked past the kiddie horse in mid-October, I found that no one would be riding it. It is broken down.

I think I have seen it being used once or twice, so I suppose there may be some children (I doubt many parents, however) who hope that the kiddie horse gets well soon.

For the record, I never saw anyone using the kiddie kangaroo.