I took a walk through the quaint neighborhood of Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn on the morning of May 12, 2021. Imagine my surprise when I noticed something moving behind a fence in an unpopulated area. That something was a large goose. Upon further inspection, I saw a second large goose and a number of baby geese.

How did a family of geese find its way to the a small patch of grass a good distance away from the water? To be sure, the area is safe from humans and dogs. But it would be hard for baby geese with very short legs to practice their swimming. Alas, I cannot tell you the full story of how the goose family arrived at there or why, but it appeared to me that the parents were in command of the situation and knew what they were doing.

Below, you will find a series of photographs of the goose family.

Photo Series: The Family of Geese in Vinegar Hill

Two parent geese bracketing seven baby geese in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.
Close-up of the goose family.
A baby goose climbing over a piece of wood to join for of a siblings in Vinegar Hill.
Two baby geese in action – climbing over a board.
Five baby geese sitting together as seen through a fence in Brooklyn.
Artsy-shot. Edited and framed by our own Victor V. Gurbo.