On the evening of May 19, 2021, I took an evening walk across the Summit Street Bridge, a small bridge in Brooklyn that connects the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens and Columbia Street Waterfront District over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. I turned that series of photos into an article discussing the history of the Summit Street Bridge and what it is like to cross it today. Right before crossing the Summit Street Bridge, I took a picture of a hybrid stop sign-one way sign on Hicks Street in Columbia Street Waterfront District. You will find the sign below.

A combination stop/one way sign in Columbia Street Waterfront District with the BQE and Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, in the background.
Taken with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6.

The sign is just a few feet away from the start of the bridge on the Columbia Street Waterfront side, documented here. The bridge itself is not in the photo. In the background, just over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, you see the edge of Carroll Gardens, a neighborhood that has been featured often here at The New Leaf Journal.

I noticed two fun notes about this picture.

First, please direct your attention to the far right of the picture in the background. You may notice a green awning. Now staying in the background. shift your eyes to the right, behind the back fence separating the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. You will notice a very tiny red spot, barely a dot in the photo. That is a miniature stop sign that I photographed after crossing the Summit Street Bridge and featured in its own New Leaf Journal article.

I made one note while inspecting my photo again. The subject of the image is the dual stop-one way sign. However, note on the ride side of the picture in the middle-ground. There is another, differently-shaped, one way sign.

Quite a bit happening in this photo.