In September, I brought you articles about a pigeon in a puddle and a pigeon on a step. Today, I bring you another pigeon on another step – this time in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

A pigeon standing on a step on 2nd Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
A pigeon standing on a step in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I took this photo with my BlackBerry Classic on February 16, 2020.

I took this picture of a pigeon on a step on 2nd Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, most likely somewhere between 40th and 50th Streets. The single step was to the back door of a workshop or some other sort of industrial building. I did not take the time to note what the building was for.

I took the picture with my BlackBerry Classic camera. The pigeon stood out because there was not much else happening on this stretch of Sunset Park. It is also a pretty pigeon, clad in brown and purple. You can see that the pigeon is posing for the picture as it looks off toward the East River from its stoop. This pigeon knows that it is something special.

Map Showing the Approximate Location of the Pigeon on the Step

Although I do not remember exactly where I saw and photographed the pigeon on the stoop, I do have a general idea of the location. I centered the below embed from Open Street Maps on 2nd Avenue and 45th Street to give you a general idea of the area.

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On the map, you may note that the pigeon on the step was close to the Gowanus Expressway. The sound of the Expressway is muted on the stretch of 2nd Avenue where I saw the pigeon. I previously wrote two articles about other pictures taken near the Gowanus Expressway far from the pigeon in Carroll Gardens and Columbia Street Waterfront District.

On Steps and Stoops

Had someone lived in the workshop or warehouse, I could have titled this article “The Pigeon on the Stoop.” Sadly, stoops only lead to houses, not workshops. I will capture a high-quality pigeon on a stoop photo for the site in the future, however. Consider this a new New Leaf Journal project.