Just over two weeks, ago, I published an article about seeing the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds New York City flyover from the Columbia Street Waterfront District.  I accompanied the brief musing with three pictures that I took of the Brooklyn flyover with my BlackBerry Classic phone.  In an effort to present the pictures as they came out, I posted them without edits.

Victor V. Gurbo, my co-editor and fellow New Leaf Journal writer, was aghast.  Victor, the photo editor of The New Leaf Journal, retouches nearly all of the photographs posted on site – as you will usually find noted in the picture captions.  Notwithstanding the fact that I had already posted my article with the New York City flyover pictures, Victor retouched the three photos and insisted that I replace the pictures in the original.

Instead of replacing the original pictures, I will post the definitive versions of the photos here.  You can find the original versions of the photos and the story behind them in my earlier post.

Despite the myriad limitations of my BlackBerry Classic camera, especially with regard to photographing subjects at a distance, Victor did a terrific job bringing some life to the photos.  In perhaps the most obvious example, it is now much easier to distinguish the colors of the Blue Angels on the left and the Thunderbirds on the right in the first two images.  While there are many photographs of the New York City flyover salute to first responders, there are only three from that particular angle in the Columbia Street Waterfront District.  I hope you enjoy a second look at the pictures.