Life is hard when you are among those who are particularly beloved by mosquitoes.  Mosquito love has a way of seemingly transcending screens, clothes, chemicals, and physics generally.  Upon reflecting on a life of unsolicited and excessive mosquito affections, I discovered the only fool-proof way to avoid mosquitoes and to not serve as their dinner and dessert.

Unfortunately, my discourse “On Avoiding Mosquitoes” will not work for me or a few select others who are similarly lusted after by these creatures. This is because we must necessarily be the method for others to avoid mosquitoes.  But for the vast majority of you, I think that my method for avoiding mosquitoes will be successful.  Below, you will find the mosquito-avoiding secret in tanka form.

On Avoiding Mosquitoes

The mosquito has
a small and finite stomach
and quite refined taste
To avoid being tasted
Keep tastier company
On avoiding mosquitoes like this one - keep tastier company.
A mosquito ready to make a lunch out of your tastier company. Clipped from “Half Hours With The Lower Animals” on Project Gutenberg.