Depiction of a wayward emu.
My artistic rendering of the emu ban. Picture clipped from “Essays on Early Ornithology and Kindred Subjects on Project Gutenberg. The thought bubble and question marks were added by yours truly in Microsoft Paint.

Last week, The Emu Café was expecting a visit from Emmui the Emu.  Both The New Leaf Journal and The Emu Café became concerned when Emmui the Emu did not arrive for a visit.  We wondered what had happened to the wayward emu, Emmui.  Now, thanks to an Associated Press report, we wonder no more.

The Associated Press reported that “[a] wayward emu was taken to an animal shelter after it was captured while running through the streets of a northern New Jersey city.”  This does explain a bit.  I suppose that we should not be so surprised that Emmui the emu would confuse New Jersey and New York.

The report describes Emmui the Emu as standing 4 feet tall.  We never thought about how tall Emmui would be, but we suppose that this sounds about right.

According to the report, local officials were unsure as of press time whether Emmui the emu had escaped from a farm or was running free in the wild.  Of course, here at The New Leaf Journal, we know the correct answer:  Emmui became lost on his (or her?) way to The Emu Café.  Emmui is surely an upstanding member of society, unlike the unruly emus of Queensland, Australia.

The local Chief Animal Control Officer, John DeCando, informed local news that Emmui the emu seemed healthy.  Mr. DeCando was unable to ascertain Emmui’s age or sex.  Mr. DeCando was able to tell us that Emmui “needs a bath.”  We do not doubt it.  Emmui the emu – of unknown age and sex – must have been fruitlessly searching for The Emu Café for a long while.

Sadly, we do not think that Emmui the Emu will make it to The Emu Café in the near future.  You are welcome to visit in his (or her) stead. In the meantime, we are glad that Emmui seems well, however, and we hope that the emu finds a nice bath and a good home.