The May 23, 1882 issue of Harper’s Round Table published a poem titled Apple Blossoms. The poem was written by Mary D. Brine, a children’s author and poet who lived from 1816 to 1913. This poem, which focuses on apple blossoms in the spring-time, is a pleasant complement to a nineteenth poem that I re-printed last week on the subject of violets and the spring. It also presents a nice follow-up to a piece I wrote about plum blossoms in the spring to welcome spring-time in 2022.

Apple blossom sketch from Ernest Stenhouse's An Introduction to Nature-Study (1910).
Apple blossom sketch from Ernest Stenhouse’s An Introduction to Nature-Study (1910).

Below, I re-print Mary D. Brine’s Apple Blossoms in its entirety.

Apple Blossoms by Mary D. Brine

Out in the orchard dwell wee little fairies,
      Busy with bud and with blossom at last.
See how they work with their palettes and brushes,
      Tinting the apple-trees brightly and fast

Pink and white blossoms, so dainting and fragrant
      Laden with promise of good things to come,
Softly the breezes are stealing their perfume,
      While o'er their beauty the busy bees hum.

Fair are the treasures which come with spring-time,
      Fields full of daisies, and grasses so green,
Sweet are the zephyrs from rose gardens blowing,
      Lovely the earth in the sun's golden sheen.

But out in the orchard amid the white blossoms,
      The pink and white blossoms that garland the trees,
We find the best charm of the beautiful spring-time,
      And welcome the touch of the sweet-scented breeze.