One home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, puts out a certain topiary each year. I noticed it for the first time in autumn 2022 in mid-December, and captured a photo on December 19:

Walking bear topiary seen in front yard in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
I took this photo and the next photo with my Pixel 3a XL phone (running LineageOS) on December 19, 2022.

This is – without a doubt – a bear topiary balancing on a ball. The home owners light it up at night. To be sure, it looks best in the evening – but the artificial greenery shines in the sun.

Walking bear topiary seen in front yard in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn - black and white.
I’m getting some Patrick Ewing in the game 7 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semi-finals vibes from this angle (long-time Knicks fans will not be able to un-see it).

I took the bear topiary photo within a couple minutes of photographing the large living Carroll Gardens Christmas tree, which is nearby (see article).

On November 2, 2022, I posted an article about a 12-foot flying witch in Carroll Gardens (I caught it just after Halloween). The witch was a short walk from both the perennial Christmas tree and the bear topiary. In my witch article, I undertook an effort to find the source of the flying witch. Remembering my witch efforts, I used a reverse image search to ascertain where the topiary bear came from. My search yielded results, it is a Bethlehem Lights 54” Walking Bear Topiary (note: archived link). We learn that the bear itself stands 54 inches tall, the ball it is standing on has a 12-inch diameter, and it is adorned by 200 clear mini lights which are powered by a 36” cord. I suggest changing the name from “walking” bear to “balancing” bear, both because balancing is more accurate and more exciting-sounding.