The New Leaf Journal is a small and independent online writing magazine. While I hope that every visitor becomes a regular visitor to this magazine, I thought that it would be interesting to provide a list of other interesting projects from around the web.

Our blogroll includes resources for finding interesting small web content (search engines, directories, etc.) and a curated list of interesting websites, blogs, and creators from around the web. The blogroll will be regularly updated.

Our blogroll has one rule for inclusion: Each addition (with the exception of resources) must have an RSS, ATOM and/or JSON feed. You can learn more about feeds and feed readers here. We also maintain our own list of New Leaf Journal feeds (also see N.A. Ferrell’s feeds).

All feeds and resources are curated by me (N.A. Ferrell) unless otherwise expressly stated. If you have a suggestion or proposed link exchange, you can send a message.

Please note that the list is very much a work in progress. It will be regularly updated and improved. All entries are added by me (N.A. Ferrell) unless otherwise expressly stated.


Use the links below to navigate through our growing blogroll.

Blog Resources :: Blogrolls and Directories | Search Tools | Miscellaneous

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Blog Resources

A collection of resources to help you find blogs and creators on the small web.

Blogrolls and Directories

DirectoryResource TypeDescription
BlogDBBlogrollUser-submitted blogs and sites from around the internet. All of the submissions have feeds. It does not appear to be regularly updated, but it still works.
Blog SurfDirectory/SearchA curated list of blogs and websites from around the web. It has powerful search functionality and ranks posts based on an algorithm. Leans heavily toward Hacker News-type content.
Mataroa CollectionDirectoryA collection of personal websites, tagged by topic. Most of the blogs focus on tech, but it is open to all topics.
The Big List of Personal WebsitesDirectoryUser-submitted blog directory. Submissions err toward small web sites by individual creators.
Ye Olde BlogrollBlogrollA well-designed curated blogroll featuring independent websites organized by category.
Website/LinkResource TypeDescription
Marginalia SearchSearch EngineThis is an excellent open source search engine designed to unearth old and independent content.
RSS Discovery EngineRSS/Atom Search EngineThe RSS Discovery Engine searches a website for links to other sites with RSS/ATOM feeds.
Search My SiteBlog Search EngineAn open source search engine with a curated index of user-submitted independent blogs.
TeclisSearch EngineAn independent non-commercial search engine for finding interesting content on clean websites.
WibySearch EngineAn open source search engine for the classic web with a robust index.


Website/LinkResource TypeDescription
FrogFindSearch for old computersFrogFind uses DuckDuckGo’s index, but converts all results to simple HTML.
Hacker News RSSHacker News RSS feedsWhile Hacker News needs little introduction, this resource points to many granular Hacker News RSS feeds
Read Something InterestingCurated Article DiscoveryA curated list of interesting articles from around the web, submitted by users.
The Brutalist ReportDaily headlinesDaily headlines from big websites presented with no trackers and a brutalist aesthetic
The ForestArticle DiscoveryFind random user-submitted blogs and websites with the click of a button. The selection emphasizes small sites. See my short post on The Forest.

New Leaf Journal Blogroll

Great content, organized by category.

Blogging and Writing

David PerellAtomA contemplative writing website with terrific content – albeit not regularly updated. Mr. Perell also has a podcast.
Larry SangerAtomMr. Sanger is known for being a co-founder of Wikipedia (he is no longer a fan), but his blog covers many other topics including free speech, digital freedom, and education.
NAF MusingsAtomNAF Musings is one of my side-projects, not updated as often as it should be. This blog is also available on Gemini and Gopher (both versions also have feeds).
SoraNews24AtomA website featuring news and humorous stories from Japan based on original sources and first-hand reporting. It features regularly in our weekly newsletters.
TediumRSSBiweekly deep dives into various subjects ranging from frozen pizza to video game history.


Sakuga BlogAtomA blog dedicated to the production and visual appreciation of animation. Posts include industry insights.

Food and Drink

Based CookingAtomA minimalist recipe website without ads, trackers, or bloat.
Just One CookbookAtomCooking website focused on Japanese food.


Jonathan TurleyAtomLegal analysis and commentary from Jonathan Turley.
Josh BlackmanAtomLegal analysis and commentary from Josh Blackman.


Mark Caserta (Vimeo)RSSBrooklyn musician Mark Caserta often works with our own Victor V. Gurbo. His Vimeo channel has original music with creative visuals.
Victor V. Gurbo (YouTube)RSSThe official YouTube music channel of our own Victor V. Gurbo. Consider this your reminder that YouTube channels have RSS feeds.


Ian Cylkowski PhotographyRSSOne man’s mission “to show off the natural and architectural beauty of Britain to the world.”


Ambient IronyAtomDaily links from around the web about tech, being a system admin, Australia, politics, and occasional forays into anime and Hololive.
Brodie Robertson (YouTube)RSSYouTube channel focused on Linux and tech news.
DistroTube (YouTube)RSSAn excellent YouTube channel by Mr. Derek Taylor (DistroTube) focusing on Linux and free and open source software.
It’s FOSSAtomA website dedicated to Linux, open source, and learning.
Luzia JarovskyAtomTech blog focused on privacy.
Marginalia MemexAtomA personal website run by the creator of the terrific Marginalia small web search engine. It focuses on tech and the Marginalia project.
Mojeek BlogAtomOfficial blog of the Mojeek search engine project. Mojeek is a general-use search engine with a homegrown index and a focus on data privacy.
Perishable PressRSSWebsite of Mr. Jeff Starr, an experienced WordPress developer whose creations help power The New Leaf Journal.
RoboNuggie (YouTube)RSSA FreeBSD YouTube channel.
Yossy’s Web Service (Japanese)AtomBlog from the developer of our WordPress theme.

Video Games

Automation WestAtomJapanese video game news stories to an English-speaking audience.
False Swipe Gaming (YouTube)RSSWeekly competitive histories of individual Pokémon.
Forest of IllusionAtomA website dedicated to sharing and preserving Nintendo history.
Jrose11 (YouTube)RSSA YouTube channel that focuses primarily on single-Pokémon speed-runs (usually generation 1).
Nicole ExpressAtomA video game developer blog dedicated to video game history and examining (and tinkering with) old consoles and hardware.
Nintendo LifeAtomFocuses on Nintendo news, mostly without any extraneous nonsense.
shuuplationsAtomA blog featuring old translated interviews with Japanese game developers.