I have seen countless banana bunches in my life. I have one book full of banana facts. Never in my life, however, had I seen a banana bench. Never before until March 14, 2021, that is. Behold, below, a banana bench in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

A photo of a banana bench outside a home in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Photograph taken by N.A. Ferrell on March 14, 2021, with a Motorola Moto e6 phone.
I took this photo from just outside the property with the Open Camera App on my Motorola Moto e6 phone.

The resplendent banana bench sat just behind the gate of a Gowanus home, a couple of blocks away from the unpleasantly toxic Gowanus Canal (and further from where I once rescued a trash can). The sunlight fell upon it, highlighting its bright yellows and dark greens. Those greens may be a little too dark, actually – perhaps that is the effect of the nearby Canal.

I sent a picture of the banana bench to my esteemed colleague, Victor V. Gurbo, while I was on my walk. He asked if someone had left it out for the taking, willing to bravely venture outside behind the protection of one of his very fancy masks to retrieve it if this was the case. I informed him with some regret that it already had a home. A loving home, I hope.

Few things in this world are just right. That banana bench in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is one of those things. While the colors indicate that it is not ripening evenly, it does look ripe for sitting – were it not on private property, that is.