The September 13, 1881 issue of Harper’s Young People included a charming short poem by Margaret E. Sangster titled Caught in a Shower. The subject of the poem is suggested by the title. Among the many reasons I found the poem to be amenable to re-publication in The New Leaf Journal is that I published a fictional dialogue about being unexpectedly caught in a shower in 2020. This is the third time we have re-published a poem by Margaret E. Sangster – you will find the first two articles in our our tag for the poet.

Below, you will find Caught in a Shower republished in its entirety with the illustration that originally accompanied the children’s poem in Harper’s Young People.

“Caught In A Shower” by Margaret E. Sangster

Original illustration for the poem "Caught in a Shower" by Margaret E. Sangster - depicts a girl caught in a rain shower.
Title for Margaret E. Sangser's poem "Caught in a Shower," published in an 1881 issue of Harper's Young People.
On, where did it come from, I wonder?
      There wasn't a cloud in the sky,
And the first thing I heard was the thunder,
      The first thing I did was to cry.

There goes a bright flash! there's another!
      I was never caught this way before.
I wish I was home with my mother,
      And out of this terrible pour.