I overheard one gentleman say the following to another gentleman while I was on a walk in Brooklyn: 

Dude, I got a theory.

Bro-philosopher in Brooklyn
Openclipart image by VexStrips of a blue man with spiky hair saying "True Story Bro"
Image courtesy of VexStrips on Openclipart. This image is in the Public Domain (see license).

He said it so naturally – much like men and women of lesser intellects and philisophical inclinations abuse the word likeHe was calm and collected – he is accustomed to dropping profundity – but not pretentious like Mr. Maxed-Out-On-Existentialism.  While the bro-philosopher mightn’t be in the same class as the legendary man-with-the-hose, he could probably keep up with my beautiful college-era diagrams of Descartes’ clear and distinct ideas. I dare say that he may have a better chance than me of deciphering the model vs model-maker story that I re-told here in 2020.