Title card for Victor V. Gurbo's original song and music video, Ghost Woman Blues #2.

I spent some of my October working on completing the recording of my new original song, Ghost Woman Blues , in time for Halloween. After finishing with a little bit of time to spare, I present it as my 10th New Leaf Journal Quarantine Session post and my 71st Quarantine Session recording overall.

Watch on YouTube.

Just like the recordings for the Quarantine Sessions, I created the Ghost Woman Blues Quarantine Session video as a home production with equipment that we have readily accessible.  I confess that I have better instruments than audio gear, so I resorted to shooting the video with my iPhone 12 Pro and edited it using my Apple laptop’s pre-downloaded software.  The brush strokes of the production are visible, but that’s part of the Quarantine Sessions’ charm.

The idea for Ghost Woman Blues #2 was born when I heard the following line in a ghost-thriller television show that was playing in the background:

A ghost can be many things.

The line stuck with me.  An idea was born, and that idea became Ghost Woman Blues #2 after a good amount of time.

For the recording itself, I handled vocals, the guitar, and organ. Mark Caserta provided the accompanying bass guitar, electric guitar, and theremin, and he mixed the sound effects.

We hope you enjoy this special Halloween recording.