I created a new type of post at The New Leaf Journal called leaflets. Leaflets are short microposts. Our leaflet posts are available in a special archive stage that serves as a micropost activity stream. See my inaugural leaflet.

Illustration of sweet pea and pinnate locust leaves from ETHEL MORTON'S ENTERPRISE By MABELL S.C. SMITH.

See activity stream/archive: https://thenewleafjournal.com/leaf/

You may be wondering why the archive URL is ends with “leaf” but the individual posts are called leaflets. I would like to convince you that the choice of leaf has to do with the botanical definition of leaflet (see definition 2). (The alternative would be to admit that I had a technical issue and I settled on a clever explanation after the fact.)

Leaflets will not appear on our homepage or in our category, tag, and author archives. The leaflets are largey self-contained to their own activity stream, although I am allowing them to appear in the recommended posts list (see below the content in any article) for the time being. These posts are largely contained to their own activity stream. The best ways to follow our leaflet posts are to bookmark their archive page or add one of the three recommended leaflet feeds to your favorite feed reader (RSS, Atom, JSON).

We will post short microposts to the leaflet category regularly. I hope that readers come to enjoy our quick posts and idle musings in the weeks to come.