Below, you will find a fictional hospital dialogue between Justin and Justina on the dangers of heroism. Context is overrated, so I will let Justin and Justina speak for themselves.

Setting the Scene

The scene opens with Justin in a hospital bed. Justin has a large cast on one leg, and his opposite arm is in a sling. He also has bandages on his head. He is watching a television on the opposite wall. Enter his friend, Justina, with a bouquet of flowers and a stuffed armadillo.

Definition of "armadillo" clipped from The Century Dictionary - like Justin and Justina, armadillos are common victims of vehicles.
Definition of armadillo from The Century Dictionary with a sketch of an armadillo. Justina brought a realistic stuffed animal plush, so let’s say it looked exactly like the Century sketch. Justina was probably unaware of the fact that a stuffed armadillo was a fitting gift under the circumstances she and Justin found themselves in.

The Dialogue: Dangers of Heroism

Justina: Justin! Oh my goodness!
Justin: Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.
Justina: I think it’s a very big deal. You were hit by an electric bike going full speed. Do you have any idea how worried I was when you called me in a delerious state last night?
Justin: I called you? Since when. Anyway, it’s all good now. You see? Just one broken leg.
Justina: What about your arm?
Justin: Old pitching injury.
Justina: You never played baseball.
Justin: Most people who own baseball bats in some areas never played baseball. Why can’t I have a pitching injury?
Justina: Never mind… I’m glad you’re safe.
Justin: As I said. No big deal.
Justina: But how did this happen? We separated only a little bit before you were hit.
Justin: It’s a funny story.
Justina: I’m not so sure about that.
Justin: So remember when you were telling me about that guy in your office?
Justina: That doesn’t really narrow it down. Also, his name is Jun.
Justin: When you were so absorbed in what you were saying that you wandered into traffic.
Justina: Maybe that sounds familiar…
Justin: And I pulled you back to save your life before that electric delivery bike going the wrong way on the one-way street could hit you.
Justina: “Saved my life” might be a bit of an overstatement, but I suppose you did keep me from being hit by the delivery boy.
Justin: So after we split up, I was walking home, right? I was thinking about my own heroism. There I was, minding my own business while trying to wrap my mind around what a gosh darn hero I was. Then, WHAM. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital.
Justina: Uh huh…
Justin: You said I called you last night, by the way? I don’t remember that. I did dream about being a hero, however. This bandage around my head is itchy…
Justina: So you’re saying this is all my fault.
Justin: Not at all, I’m just saying that I’m a hero. You brought me that stuffed armadillo because I’m a hero, right?
Justina: I brought it to throw at you.
Justin: Bad idea. Can’t catch. Pitching injury.
Justina: You know… I think Jun used to play baseball.
Justin: Careful!
(Justina, who had started twirling while talking, stops, startled by Justin’s yelling. A nurse who was pushing a cart into the room behind Justina looks relieved that Justina will not back straight into her cart. Justina hastily apologizes to the nurse before turning back to Justin.)
Justina: …Don’t say it.
Justin: Even with this pitching injury…