Below, you will find a fictional dialogue between Justin and Justina, two unusual-yet-similarly-named friends. In today’s dialogue, Justin and Justina are taking a walk through DUMBO, Brooklyn, when something catches Justin’s eye: a downed truck route sign. Why did this catch Justin’s eye? What will he do? What will Justina say? Read on to find out.

Act I 〜 I need a picture of this truck route sign

Justin: Wait, hold up a sec. I need a picture of this.
Justina: Picture of what? The wall?
Justin: No, that, there.
Justina: …It’s a fallen sign.
Justin: Exactly. Ready my BlackBerry Classic…
Justina: …
Justin: Got the shot. Come see what you think.

A fallen truck route sign in DUMBO, Brooklyn, photographed by Nicholas A. Ferrell.
Justin’s photo. In the real world, I (N.A. Ferrell) took this photo in DUMBO, Brooklyn, with my BlackBerry Classic camera. Victor V. Gurbo edited the photo for publication.

Justina: It looks like I would expect.
Justin: So you’re saying I captured its essence well?
Justin: Essence?

Act II 〜 The essence of the fallen truck route sign

Justin: Fallen signs, there’s something noble about them.
Justina: Huh?
Justin: They stand bravely. Expect no adulation. Just doing their job. Thanks to this guy, for example, trucks knew their truck route.
Justina: It’s just a sign.
Justin: It’s not just a sign. Here, look at this article Nick wrote about a fallen stop sign in nearby Vinegar Hill.
Justina: It’s a sign. It’s just a sign. He was obviously pressed for time that day and threw something together to publish.
Justin: You just don’t get it.
Justina: No I think you’re not getting it.
Justin: He stopped!
Justina: Ok?
Justin: It made him stop.
Justina: Right?
Justin: And I stopped. I stopped to photograph the truck sign. I’m not even a truck. Not even a Tarquinius Superbus.

Act III 〜 What fallen signs say about us

Justina: I think that says more about you than the sign.
Justin: It says that I have an innate inclination toward the Good and Beautiful.
Justina: …
Justin: And I should guide others who lack my noble inclinations.
Justina: Can we go get food now?
Justin: You know I read that reclaimed signs are trendy indoor decorations.
Justina: …Really?
Justin: That’s what they’re saying online, I hear.
Justina: Hmm. (Looks at he sign.)
Justin: I can help you give it a new home.
Justina: …But it’s dirty.
Justin: That’s true. The indignity of it all. So long, fair sign. You did well. Someone will rescue you and restore you to your proper place of honor.
Justina: …Did I almost have you take this sign to hang in my room because you said it’s trendy?
Justin: Yeah. You had a look in your eye. Thought I had you.

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