I came across a service called microblog.in (see archive) on Hacker News. I like microblogs. What makes this microblog service unique? It explains on its homepage:

The customer flow: Don’t grow traffic to your blog. Drive them to your Twitter through your blog.

There is a concept called POSSE. This stands for “Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.” That is, posts on platforms which you do not control (e.g., Twitter) swim downstream to a websites under your own domain. Microblog.in offers the opposite approach (albeit I do not think it supports custom domains). You post on your own blog and send people to your Twitter. Perhaps there is an audience for this, but the author of a piece touting the digital home finds using a blog to drive traffic to Twitter incredibly depressing. Related: See my post on using feeds as an alternative to Twitter.