I discovered in our Koko Analytics referrer logs that we received an unusual backlink from Cosmonaut Magazinewhich proudly describes itself as Marxist in its political orientation. While we are not a political magazine, that I referred to my far-left high school teacher as corrupting my class, cited favorably to Victor Davis Hanson and Thomas Sowell, and noted that I am a registered Republican should make it obvious enough that I (speaking for myself alone) am a long way away from being a Marxist. When I saw the content of Cosmonaut, I had my suspicion that it was to an article from my 1922 Better Homes in America series. It turned out that I was correct – Cosmonaut cited to my article on Herbert Hoover’s 1922 Better Homes remarks in a May 2, 2022 article titled Smashing the white picket fence: Why the left rejects home ownershipThe cite was for a quote of Hoover’s from the speech. While I disagree with Cosmonaut’s interpretation of the Better Homes Campaign and the section of Hoover’s remarks that it quoted, I appreciate the backlink since the speech itself is in the public domain. For those curious what the hubub is about – I recommend reading my article on Calvin Coolidge’s 1922 remarks.  Hoover’s speech was good, but Coolidge’s was broader and more thought-provoking.