My short Leaflet post on Becovi Search was posted to Hacker News a few days ago. It received a smattering of views but as of a few hours ago, it was only the third most-read article of the week. Then it inexplicably appeared on page 1 of Hacker News, despite having gained no discernable traction that I could perceive. This is very similar to what I saw with my even shorter Leaflet on Lukol – posted one day, made a minimal impression, and then suddenly shot to page 1 in a strange evening hour (strange in U.S. time). Peculiar. Am I learning something about Hacker News’s ranking here?

Well that aside… I hope you enjoy your stay at The New Leaf Journal, Hacker News friends. I should note that we publish many long-form articles, the Leaflets that keep shooting to  the top of the HN rankings are just for fun.