I have written at length about our privacy-friendly local analytics solution at The New Leaf Journal, Koko Analytics (see my review). I maintain a separate small blog called NAF Musings (see NAF Musings). NAF Musings is hosted on smol.pub, a charming small web hosting provider that has the unique feature of producing http, gemini, and gopher versions of all of the blogs on the platform (gemini and gopher users can view NAF Musings on those protocols – if you do not know what that means, do not worry about it). I was surprised when I saw the word “Koko” and “analytics” in an otherwise Portuguise post. Sure enough, the post was a very interesting review of Koko Analytics as compared to Fathom Analytics, another open source analytics solution with a privacy focus (see post). If you enjoyed my Koko Analytics content or are otherwise interested in privacy-respecting analytics solutions, I encourage you to read this post too – it is well worth translating (unless you read Portuguise, in which case you can skip the translation step). What are the chances that two Koko Analytics users would also be on smol.pub?

For those who are interested in privacy generally, I translated the article using SimplyTranslate.