We have been using the BunnyPress theme for WordPress by Yossy’s Web Service since June 2020. I wrote a review three years ago. The theme has served us (and continues to serve us) very well with its focus on writing and its very good tools for enhancing performance. The process of starting a new site from the ground up and running into some plugin-related challenges has given me a new appreciation of how good I have had it with BunnyPress and why I have had a more positive experience with WordPress than many other admins. There are some things that bother me, the theme is written in a way that is a bit beyond my ability to unpack and I would like to have better IndieWeb microformats support. But all in all, BunnyPress has been solid, performant, and never the cause of a problem. I was concerned that it had/has not received an update in a while, but it continues to work well and the developer’s website remains continues to be updated. I must add that while it is not entirely JavaScript free out of the box, it is easy to configure to work perfectly for no JS-users (disable its lazy loading, which is enabled by default). If you do not want to buy a premium theme (the price doubled since I bought it in 2020), BunnyPressLite is available in the WordPress repositories and is a reasonable facsimile of the paid version of the theme (Lite received its most recent update in May).

(Note: There is a free theme in the WordPress theme repository called “BunnyPress” but it is unrelated to our theme. BunnyPressLite is created by the same developer and is aesthetically similar to our theme but it lacks some additional customization options and toggles for improving performance, at least when I last used it in June 2020.)