Insani, the visual translation circle behind most of the al|together visual novel translations that I am in the process of reviewing (see project introduction and article collection), unexpectedly returned after a 15-year hiatus. While Insani is not taking on new game translation projects (it is, however, completing two translations that were in progress in 2009), it is working on a new fork of ONScripter-EN, the engine which powered most of the al|together translations, and plans to re-release its past works. ONScripter-Insani is an open source project being developed on GitHub (see repository). In addition to supporting re-releases of past projects, Insani is developing ONScripter-Insani to support modern MacOS systems (while I am not a Mac-user, this is good news).

Insani provides downloadable binaries for Windows and MacOS, but not Linux. However, ONScripter-Insani contains a Linux makefile with instructions for building on Arch Linux. I tested this out because I run EndeavourOS, a close derivative of Arch. I can happily report that ONScripter-Insani built without issue on my system after following the instructions on the GitHub repository. I tested it with Insani’s newest release, Radiata, and it seems to work perfectly — albeit I have not actually played the novel yet (Radiata is outside the scope of al|together, but I plan to review it on its own later this year). Note, however, that I have not tested modifying SDL Mixer to support MP3s, which is also covered in the ONScripter-Insani Readme.

Also see the main ONScripter-EN development, which is now being handled by GitHub user Gallidate27 (see repository).