I switched from hosting our fonts locally at The New Leaf Journal to using a system font stack back in the Sprint of 2022. Prior to that point, I had been using a plugin to host our fonts locally. My WordPress knowledge has improved to the point where I could easily configure local font hosting without a plugin, but I am not passionate enough about font choices to forgo the convenience of just calling on the fonts you already have on your device. However, while I may be competent enough to host fonts locally if I wanted to, I was not competent enough to omit syntax errors in our system font config.


In any event, I was looking to make a change. I wanted to begin using serif fonts for the body of our articles and sans serif fonts for the headlines (we had been using sans serif for everything for a while). I recalled seeing a Hacker News thread about a GitHub repository full of system font stack options. I found the repository and configured a new system font stack set-up from the available options (I will leave selecting the fonts to the experts). I think it looks good on my devices. If anyone finds any combinations egregious on a particular device, let me know via our Contact page with information about your device and I will look into it.