I subscribed to a “Show HN” RSS feed for Hacker News. This feed is for posts wherein Hacker News users share what they are working on with the community. One Show HN post on the morning of July 27, 2022, caught my attention. Mr. Eric Choi shared his new project, coffeebeans.fyi. He explained its purpose:

Coffeebeans.fyi lets you review your favorite coffee beans and discover new ones. It’s my solo project in the hope of sharing my favorite coffee beans with you and discovering other great coffee beans from you.

The site is live and in its early stages. Mr. Choi is looking for feedback from those who are interested (his contact information can be found in the “LETS CHAT!” field of the header.)

My take: I like the idea and the general aesthetic of the site. Going forward, there should be sorting options for the beats (e.g., rost type, flavor, purpose, location, where they are available, etc.). For example, I do not like fruity coffee beans, so a way to immediately sift those out would be useful. Another issue for me is that at the moment, the site only allows signing in with a Google Account. There should be a direct way to make an account and for people who like Single Sign On (SSO), additional SSO options.

(Niche issue for people who block scripts with uBlock Origin in advanced mode, uMatrix, or something similar: The site does not load properly without allowing scripts from two AWS sources and Vercel.)

It is an interesting project, and I will keep tabs on it to see how Mr. Choi develops it. I too would like to learn about good coffee beans.