A significant number of Google Photos users reported image corruption issues for photos that they had been storing in Google Photos for many years. I no longer have photos stored on Google Photos. However, I did for some time. In the latter 2000s, I began storing some photos on Picasa, which eventually became Google Photos. While I never had the sorts of corruption issues that are described in this thread, I did not understand for many years that Google compresses photos (and can do so more on default settings). Thus, I only have low-quality versions of some photos I took with my Nikon D40 DLSR camera because I scrapped the originals thinking that cloud storage was just as good.

Of course, some of those now-formerly Google Photos photos (I downloaded them all before clearing my account) date back to 2007. I know better now. While there are uses for cloud solutions (especially for sharing images), I recommend a local strategy first. The foundation of everything should be your own digital home. For backups, look into genuine third-party cloud backup services like Backblaze and Borg providers (I note for full disclosure that I am not a cloud backup expert).