I am working through the new anime series for the spring season and deciding what to watch. The best first episode thus far was Dance Dance Danseur – a show I went in with only modest expectations for. Junpei Murao loves ballet, but pursued “manlier” pasttimes after the death of his stuntman father. Little did he know when he did a quasi-ballet move while playing around was that his classmate, a ballet-dancer named Miyako Godai, would notice. She had little difficulty leading Junpei to her studio because she was pretty – and while he is still recalcintrant, it is clear after the first episode that his fate is sealed. The first episode was very well animated and it set up the main characters well. I recommend giving this one a try – my only concern is that it will rely too much on his insecurities about doing ballet, but nothing about the first episode necessitates that outcome going forward.