The New York Post reported on a battle between dogs at a dog run and a lone New York City rat. One of the dogs briefly caught the rat before her owner ordered her to release the rodent and stand down:

While many couldn’t catch the rat, one dog, later revealed as a 4-year-old Jindo mix named Zoey, locked jaws on the rodent — shaking her head before tossing the rat in the air.

In an earlier article, I reported on some disturbing behavior by other dog owners:

Digression: I think that some dog owners are taking the “furbaby” and “substitute child” views of their dogs too far. Why are dog owners in Brooklyn taking their dogs inside establishments that sell or serve food. Why are dogs sitting on chairs and tables at those abomination outdoor dining sheds and chicken coops? Dogs are not clean. This used to be understood.

I submit as Exhibit A in support of my argument that people should not be bringing their dogs into eating establishments (indoor or outdoor) that many dogs’ first reaction to seeing a rat is to put it in their mouths.