Re; Stadia and Dreamcast

I just published an essay discussing some very interesting points that Mr. Devin Coldeway of Techcrunch made about software ownership in light of Google’s decision to end Stadia. However, the article committed a great slander against the Sega Dreamcast: “There is now a great remembering of the much-mocked pre-launch hype display for Stadia: the doomed Dreamcast, pointless Power Glove and E.T. for Atari…” I have noted in previous articles that while the Dreamcast was short-lived due in large part to decisions that Sega made in the previous console generation, it was a great and revolutionary console. Enthusiasts are still developing for it today. Leave Dreamcast alone! Its launch was wonderful! Aside, should Dreamcast be more offended about being put in the same sentence as Stadia or being put in the same sentence as the famously awful ET game for the Atari 2600?