finally published my list of the best anime of 2021. The delay in putting it together and publishing was primarily on account of other projects – for example having to move the entire New Leaf Journal. Because I took a while to finish the review, we are already approaching the half-way point for the 2022 anime year. My clear early-frontrunner for anime of the year in 2022 is the excellent third and final season of Teasing Master Takagi-sanThe first two seasons were good fun, but neither was quite anime of the year caliber (although the second season was almost my pick in a soft 2019). The third season, however, posted three episode-of-the-year caliber episodes in 6, 9, and 12 of 12, and concluded in a more satisfactory way than one would expect in light of the fact that the series is actually concluding with a forthcoming movie. You can watch it on HiDive.

Spring has several series that are off to strong starts through 3-4 episodes. However, none strike me as likely to supplant Takagi-san as we approach the half-way point of 2022.