My primary desktop (Manjaro Linux) and laptop (EndeavourOS) run operating systems based on Arch Linux. While I prefer packages from the main repositories and occasional Flatpaks for most purposes, I occasionally use the Arch User Repository for packages that are not otherwise available (and Thunderbird to try the new version). I use Mullvad VPN as a VPN service and its client is only available on the AUR for Arch-based distributions. I had been using the mullvad-vpn-cli package for a while after I originally had some issues with the GUI client (I usually launch it with a Ulauncher extension). However, I ran into some issues building mullvad-vpn-cli, so this time I switched back to mullvad-vpn-bin (which, coincidentally, is the unofficial AUR package noted on Mullvad’s website). It installed without a hitch and works with no issues, so I will stick with it for the time being. For fellow Arch/Arch-based distribution users, do note that the account settings remain when switching between AUR Mullvad client packages.