Hotel Mario is a curiosity in the corpus of video games starring Nintendo’s famous plumber. It was released for the Philips CD-i under circumstances beyond the scope of this article, making it one of the few games featuring a Nintendo mascot on a non-Nintendo platform. It was moderately well-received by reviewers at the time of its release in 1994, but has turned into something of a meme after the fact (note: I have never played Hotel Mario, but I have seen some clips of it). I came across an interesting interview conducted by Mr. Samuel Clemens (pseudonym?) of Games Reviews with Mr. Stephen Radosh, the designer and executive producer of Hotel Mario. The interview, which is worth reading for anyone interested in video game history and design, reveals that Mr. Radosh takes pride in the work that he and his team did on Hotel Mario. While Hotel Mario is something of a novelty, it appears that the team behind the game gave their best effort to make an enjoyable experience on very limited hardware (CD-i did not compare favorably to the Super Nintendo) under some peculiar circumstances.