I noted the other day that I decided to finally finish my third playthrough (and second on Maddening) of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I encountered some difficulties in chapter 17 of the Crimson Flower (Edelgard’s) route after the first three battles of my return (chapter 16 and two paralogues) went smoothly. The map has three land sections separated by rivers.  I was aware of the fact that there were two shoals bridging the river at separate points. However, I missed the existence of two additional shoals, both of which were far more important to navigating the map. Upon discovering the shoals – which do not show up well on my television due to their being dark and blending in, I cleared the map and made my way to the final chapter of the route. I noted that the chapter seems to be not too amenable to cavalry units. Awesome news in light of the fact that I have four (including magical girl Dark Knight Edelgard).