On May 14, 2022, I published a detailed review of ProxiTok, an alternative, privacy-friendly front-end for TikTok. In the review, I introduced LibRedirect, a free and open source browser extension that can redirect links to a large number of platforms to privacy-friendly alternative front-ends. I use LibRedirect on Firefox in my day-to-day browsing (its main utility in my case is redirects for Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter). While adjusting LibRedirect’s settings, I noticed a new redirect option for Reuters to something called Neuters.

Reuters article about Lee Zeldon being attacked during stump speech as it appears on Neuters.
I’m glad Mr. Zeldin is alright, I voted for him in the primary and all. But that aside – this is an article in Neuters. I redacted everything below the first sentence with a white square, but this should be enough for you to get an idea of what it looks like. Capture taken from the Badwolf web browser.

For whatever it is worth, I think that Neuters’ UI is very pleasant and has actual utility (beyond privacy) for mobile reading. The developer states that Neuters, which is free and open source, is inspired by Nitter, and the inspiration shows in its concept and design. Neuters does not produce RSS feeds (which Reuters unceremoniously killed in 2020) or allow for searching, but one can navigate through internal links. You can learn more about Neuters on its repository page on GitHub. The easiest way for most people to try it is with the similarly free and open source LibRedirect web extension. If you are an advanced user, Neuters can be installed on a server.