On August 18, 2022, I received a very interesting email in response to my December 29, 2021 article on “Uncle Susan is a Wolf” graffiti in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus. The emailer, who opted to remain anonymous, sent me a couple of tips about recent Uncle Susan sightings outside New York City. I credit the emailer for the forthcoming content, for I have not been on the Uncle Susan beat since I published my December article (I also have not personally seen any instances of Uncle Susan graffiti other than the one I recorded in December).

Exhibit A comes from the following Reddit thread. You can see an archived version of the page here.

According to the emailer, this photo of “Uncle Susan is A Wolf” graffiti on a freight train car “was spotted between the Gold Dust Casino and Hickory Swing Golf course on a BNSF line in Great Falls, Montana,” on August 17, 2022.

Now I will note here for full disclosure that I have never been to Montana, so my knowledge of Montana limited. The emailer enlightened me to the fact that the August 17, 2022 Uncle Susan linked to above was adjacent to one of the Uncle Susans I linked to in my December 2021 article, which I found through research. You can see that Uncle Susan here. Regarding the previous Uncle Susan in Montana sighting, the emailer explained:

This above linked archived picture was taken from 6th St SW, Great Falls MT facing the south side of the BNSF line that runs between American Ave/Crescent Cir and 5th Ave SW…

Very interesting. Save for the one Uncle Susan I found in Brooklyn, the tagger does not seem active in areas where I typically walk. However, Uncle Susan seems quite active (for better or worse) in tagging large freight cars that pass through Montana.