I published an article yesterday about Harry Wilson’s very expensive (and ultimately unsuccessful) efforts to win my vote for the Republican nomination for Governor of New York. Today, the New York Post reported that Mr. Wilson sent a text message wherein he called the presumed frontrunner, Lee Zeldin, and Mr. Zelden’s aides, “scumbags.” How do we know the contents of Mr. Wilson’s text message? The Post explained:

GOP gubernatorial candidate Harry Wilson accidentally included rival candidate Lee Zeldin in a text message group where he called Zeldin and his aide “scumbags.”

I noted in my article that I will vote for Mr. Zeldin (Mr. Wilson’s money was wasted on me). With that being said, Mr. Wilson’s substantive complaint about Mr. Zeldin’s strategy regarding the incident described in the article was well-founded, his language aside. But how in the world do you include your rival candidate in a text message discussing your campaign strategy against said candidate? Mr. Wilson stated: “Accidentally adding someone to a text message is an easy mistake to make.” Adding your rival candidate to a text message discussing your campaign strategy is not an easy mistake to make. That is a comedic all-timer. With my goal being to win in November, I will take disingenous campaign strategies over candidates who send their strategies to their rivals.