I received a very peculiar email at my @newleafjournal address (see contact page).  This is not the first strange email I have received, but it may me the oddest.  I re-print the email with the sender’s fake name and address redacted (XX is placeholder for sender’s “name” while “zz” is a placeholder for the part of the sender’s purported email addresses that is added to his, her, or its name):

Good day,

My name is XX, I have a proposal for you about your last name. Reply for details. Email XXzz@gmail.com.

Kind regards,


My last name is Ferrell.  People commonly mispronounce it (it’s not Ferr-ell), but no one has ever offered a proposal about it.  Now here is another odd point.  The sender was XXzz@outlook.com.  But for some reason, the sender wants me to reply at XXzz@gmail.com.  Much like I did in the case of a domain phishing scam, I will decline to respond.  But I do wonder what the proposal about my last name is.