I have read articles on OS News before. As the site’s name suggests, it is dedicated to publishing news related to operating systems. Mr. Thom Holwerda linked to my /e/ OS review after it appeared on Hacker News and appended a comment after quoting one of the key points of my review. Mr. Holwerda opined:

It’s a good choice for people looking to de-Google, but the rather lacklustre device support is a big problem, forcing you to buy a new device if you want to give this a go. That’s not really /e/’s fault, of course, but it’s an issue nonetheless.

I still run /e/ OS as my daily phone driver. It is, as Mr. Holwerda suggests, a good option for people looking to de-Google. /e/ OS has a somewhat lower barrier to entry out of the box than does LineageOS, which it is based on (I say this noting that I do not use /e/’s app store or cloud services, which are two features that may make it attractive to other potential users). I agree in part with Mr. Holwerda’s assessment that installing /e/ OS is not necessarily practical for many ordinary people looking to de-Google. Its installer supports a limited number of devices, and installing for scratch requires some comfort in the terminal. However, I note that I purchased my phone with /e/ OS from the /e/ Foundation, and /e/ does seem to be making an effort to sell more phones that come with its operating system. That effort is worth supporting since it makes a user-friendly alternative to vanilla Android amenable to more potential users.