Privacy Issues With Kiosks in New York City

Some time during the administration of the previous Mayor, strange kiosks began appearing around New York City with little fanfare or explanation. They have video screens and USB ports. I never saw a person using them. It was only recently that I learned that they are replacements for payphones. They apparently output wi-fi for people who think that connecting to New York City-run wi-fi is a good idea. This report from The Verge covers privacy concerns with the kiosks. That is all well and good, but a more disturbing point came out of the report. “The city is now hyping the deployment of entirely new fifth-generation wireless (5G) enabled Link5G kiosks, which are even larger (32 feet tall versus 9.5 feet) than the original units.” They are easy to ignore at 9.5 feet. 32 feet would be an abomination (we have enough abominations as it is). I am this close to calling for a return to the monarchy.