The Washington Post ran an article about the negative effect of sealed batteries on the repairability of electronics. Below, a quote from the CEO of iFixit, Mr. Kyle Wiens:

Almost every device these days has a battery that’s going to wear out, and it’s a built-in death clock.

Indeed. I learned this the hard way with my former BlackBerry Classic. While its battery never fully failed, it developed serious problems. I only learned after purchasing it that the BlackBerry Classic is not designed to be opened. That experience prompted me to look for phones with replaceable batteries. I first replaced my Classic with a budget Motorola Moto e6 before upgrading to a Murena Teracube 2e preinstalled with the privacy-friendly /e/ OS. You can read my review of the Murena Teracube 2e. The experience taught me that it is not easy to find phones with changeable batteries, and perhaps nearly impossible for people looking for high-spec devices.

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Hat tip to Mr. Danie van der Merwe for linking to the WaPost article.