I have a MikroTik router for my home. There are two ways to access the router. One is through the web interface using the router’s IP and the other is through MikroTik’s Winbox app. Winbox is the preferred method for usability reasons. While Winbox is a Windows-exclusive app, it runs perfectly under WINE on Linux (and MacOS) and MikroTik includes WINE guidance in its documentation. I had to re-install Winbox. Note that I had not needed to sign in for the first instance in several months. Despite having my correct log-in credentials and my router’s IP address, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to sign in.  You should understand if you have ever looked closely at Winbox.

(Note: Despite is very 1990s aesthetic, Winbox is easy to navigate. I say this despite not knowing what most of it does. The sign-in is surprisingly tricky though. Persistence is needed.)