I discovered this morning that The New Leaf Journal was entirely de-indexed from Bing.  No matter how hard you try, you won’t find New Leaf Journal articles.  I wrote about this happening to someone else a few months ago.  For our purposes, the bigger problem is indeed downstream of Bing.  DuckDuckGo is our second biggest search referrer after Google, and while it is far behind Google, the Bing-DuckDuckGo, the views are not insignificant.  Bing Webmaster Tools are next to useless in telling me the problem, but based on a recent Hacker News thread, I speculated it may have to do with missing re-directs for our new, smaller-in-size but identical-in-appearance, site icon image.  I fixed the re-directs, so we’ll see what happens.  Because I am not happy with Bing right now, see my article on that time it engaged in censorship on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.