We occasionally receive referrals from The Forest (available at https://theforest.link). Today we have received more referrals from it than usual (see how I learn about referrals with our privacy-respecting local analytics solution, Koko Analytics). Unlike some of the unusual search tools that have appeared in our logs, The Forest is not a mystery to me.

The Forest website contains a single button with the text “Go For a Walk.” Astute users will notice a second option to “plant a tree” beneath the big walk button.

Homepage for theforest.link as seen in the Badwolf web browser.

What does this mean? Let us scroll down for an explanation.

The Forest is a project of Mr. Carl Barenbrug and Manu Moreale. Their small about section for this minimalist project complains that “[s]urfing the web has become increasingly boring.” The Forest strives to be something that is not boring, to “bring some of [the] unpredictability” of the older, smaller web back.

Now returning to the buttons, their purpose makes sense. Clicking “Go for a walk” takes you to a random website in The Forest’s index. “Plant a tree” allows you to submit a website to The Forest. I recall having come across The Forest several months ago and submitting The New Leaf Journal. Since then, we occasionally receive visitors from The Forest. I have tried taking a walk on several occasions myself and have come across some interesting-looking small websites. If you ever feel bored with the internet, try taking a walk and contributing interesting small-web sites to its growing index.